Change Happens, Companies Must Adapt.

There are many different types of advertising that companies can do to promote its business and products but when should it stop? Are advertisements that pop up when a consumer is searching the Internet annoying or effective? The biggest importance for companies with online advertising is not to annoy or offend the consumer. If a company places too much emphasis on online advertising, especially ones that become annoying or turn offs to consumers it could eventually hurt the company.

As I was reading through different information from my classmates, a lot of companies are switching their focus towards a new kind of online marketing techniques. Nike has created different pieces of technology such as the Nike+ running sensor and Fuelband where consumers utilize online software such as Apple to interact with consumers through the online avenue. Toyota is now creating videos of their cars for consumers to watch and interact with. State Farm launched a campaign through YouTube and mobile applications for consumers to utilize when they need to file a claim or receive information about their policy. Companies are now making a conscience effort to keep current with the new marketing trends and focusing on where the consumers are.

Take for example, State Farm’s mobile application. The company launched not only a YouTube video campaign but turned these into commercials that complemented the mobile application. With promoting this new mobile application it shows how easy consumers can access different areas of their insurance policy. The company focused on advertising through television but promoted another product they offered through a different medium, mobile application. State Farm even through in some comedy with the spot to make it more appealing and not another boring insurance commercial.


Nike on the other has been considered one of the leaders in catering to the newest emerging media trends especially in the social media aspect. The company took it the extreme to premiere its newest video on Facebook rather than television. If the average consumer takes a look they will see an additional drop off in television commercials, actually a <a href="

“>40 percent drop off. Companies like State Farm & Nike are now stepping up and finding new emerging medias to market its products. Everything does eventually change and if companies want to continue to keep its consumers, they must adapt to the new trends.


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