Hello Blog World! Are you Ready for Emerging Media?

Introducing yourself to someone or something new can be exciting and exhilarating or scary and nerve racking. Making the world known to something or someone is what we do in life. There are millions of aspects that are being introduced daily around the world, I am going to introduce you (the world) to another one!

Emerging Media is a piece of integrated marketing and communications that has been gaining attention rapidly throughout the years. Check out this introduction video done by the PR Newswire. This video provides brief facts that happen to us everyday of our lives involving emerging media. It goes along with an event of marketers that come to understand the facts about emerging media.

After watching the video by PR Newswire, hopefully you gained a little more knowledge about what we are exposed to everyday when it comes to emerging medias. Social media, video, music electronic advertisements are all sources of emerging media that is making its way into our heads. Yes 2013 has just begun but there are many emerging medias that we have been exposed to and will be exposed too.

With companies still recovering from the recent economic recession, new tactics are becoming even more important. Social media marketing will take a more active role in the marketing aspect for companies. Since there are over a billion Facebook users, what better way to create to get a company’s point across and interact with consumers than social media?  Social networks are now being combined. People are now utilizing LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Foursquare and more to expand their horizons and their personal databases, both professional and personal. These are only a couple areas that Winne Hart points out in her post 13 Trends in 2013 Social Media Marketing Takes Flight.

This introduction creates a stepping stone for more posts to come because as we all know, emerging media can come and go in an instant.


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